Don't Let Erosion Eat Your Investment.

Erosion control prevents and minimizes the negative effects of erosion on soil, water quality, and environmental health.

At DunRite, we know unattended erosion can cause significant damage to landscapes, habitats, and properties, leading to soil loss, water pollution, and other environmental problems.

From stabilization to preservation–our erosion control solutions will exceed your expectations.

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Protect Your Investment with Erosion Control Services

Soil Conservation

Prevent soil loss and preserve the quality of the soil while maintaining soil fertility and supporting healthy plant growth.

Water Quality

Preventing soil and other contaminants from washing into streams, rivers, and lakes can improve water quality and protect aquatic habitats.

Habitat Preservation

Protect habitats for wildlife and plant species by preserving biodiversity and promoting ecological balance.

Flood Prevention

Terracing and stormwater management can help to prevent or mitigate the effects of floods, reducing the risk of property damage.

Cost Savings

When you choose DunRite Dirt Work for your erosion control, you can help to reduce long-term costs associated with damage to property and infrastructure caused by erosion and sedimentation.


Improve the appearance of your landscapes and make them more visually appealing, which also increases your property value.

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Our Erosion Control Methods

Vegetation Management

We create surfaces where you can plant grasses, shrubs, or trees that can help stabilize soil and prevent erosion by increasing soil cover and reducing water runoff.

Terracing | Land Leveling

We use the right equipment and skill to create flat areas or steps on steep slopes that can help slow the flow of water and prevent erosion.


Our team can place large stones or concrete blocks along your shorelines or steep slopes to help stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. We can also bring in heavy rocks for your landscaping needs.

Drainage Management

Managing water flow through drainage systems can help prevent erosion caused by excessive water movement.

Stormwater Management

Managing stormwater runoff through culverts, french drains, and trenching can help prevent erosion and improve water quality in ponds.

DunRite Dirt Work

Protect your property and the environment. We use the best technique for your specific property and the type of erosion being addressed. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation. Don't wait until it's too late–let us help you protect your property and preserve your environment.

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