Proudly serving Kilgore, Texas

Land Clearing in Kilgore, TX

Don’t trust just anyone to clear out your land. DunRite Dirt Work can enhance the natural beauty of your property. We are a land clearing company that regularly services Kilgore and we are staffed by fully-insured industry professionals.

Junk, Debris & Demolition Removal Services

When you swiftly deal with debris and junk piles, you can prevent additional harm to health, safety, and property values. Our junk removal services can assist homeowners in securely and effectively disposing of their unwanted items and mess from their premises, mitigating unsightly piles and debris.

Fence Line Clearing in Kilgore, TX

Our fence line clearing services in Kilgore are designed to help fences stand the test of time and keep them strong for years to come.

Erosion Control

Protect your property and prevent environmental damage with our erosion control services. Our team of experts will use proven techniques to stabilize soil, prevent water runoff, and ensure the long-term health of your property.

Pond Scaping in Kilgore, TX

Whether you’re keeping a pond for your personal pleasure or using it as water storage for your farm, ranch, or livestock, pond scaping services in Kilgore are the best way to maintain its beauty and functionality.

We’re ready to get started – are you? To learn more about our land clearing and management services in Kilgore, contact a representative from our team today for a free quote.