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Land Clearing in Henderson, TX

Don’t let your property be a wooded jungle. Call DunRite Dirt Work, the best land clearing company in Henderson Texas, to clean up and haul off the trees and underbrush cluttering your land. It's time to fully enjoy all areas of your place! 

Erosion Control

Unchecked erosion has the potential to result in considerable harm to landscapes, habitats, and properties, which may cause soil loss, water pollution, and other related environmental issues.

Fence Line Clearing in Henderson, TX

How is the fence around your pasture looking? If you cringed at the thought, let us give you a quote for fence line clearing. We are a company that offers many services related to tree and brush growth. Ensure your fence clean and strong and let us do the hard work.

Demolition & Junk Removal Services

Our demolition and junk removal services encompass eliminating and properly disposing of items that are not easily discarded using traditional waste disposal channels. This may include a variety of items left behind after building demolitions or building rubbish.

Pond Scaping in Henderson, TX

We know the kind of value a pond can bring to outdoor enthusiasts. That’s why you should always trust your pond scaping services to a professional. We have cleaned up so many ponds in East Texas and would love to clean up yours. Enjoy the water again with clear banks and shores.

Don’t let trees, brush, or bark stop you from achieving your goals of a beautiful, safe, and fully-functional piece of property. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote on our land clearing and maintenance services.