Our Land Clearing Services

We’re in the business of keeping East Texas beautiful. That’s why we work with homeowners, general contractors, event planners, and commercial property owners on a wide range of land enhancement projects, including:

Dirt Work

Whether you need driveway construction, hauling, gravel, crushed concrete, caliche, crushed limestone, pea gravel, house pads, material delivery or removal of dirt and materials. We are here to help you get your job done.

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Erosion Control

Erosion Control refers to the process of preventing, controlling or repairing erosion, which is the natural process by which soil and rock are moved from one location to another by wind, water, and other environmental factors. When you choose DunRite, you're in control of the excess water on your property.

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Land Clearing

Whether you are starting a construction project or simply wish to improve your existing property, you can rely on DunRite Dirt Work for your land clearing needs.

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Pond Scaping

Storing water is incredibly important for many property owners. Whether you have a small farm, a huge ranch, or simply love fishing on your own land, a pond is essential.

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Fence Line Clearing

Whether you are clearing up stumps, brush, or debris around a new fence line or maintaining your existing fence, our land clearing equipment is ideal for getting the job done.

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We remove old structures and large oversized items from your property. Our team will dismantle or tear down your unneeded structures or buildings. With DunRite, your site will be cleared for new construction and rendered safer for your family and guests.

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Why Choose DunRite Dirt Work

When it comes to clearing your land safely and efficiently, you should always trust the experts. At DunRite Dirt Work, we have the professional land clearing experience necessary to perform superior services at affordable costs with safety guaranteed.

If you have trees, brush, or bark stopping you from realizing your dreams of a perfect piece of property, DunRite Dirt Work is here to set things straight. For more information on our company, our equipment, and our land clearing services in East Texas, contact us today!

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