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Land Clearing in Athens, TX

There’s a lot more to land clearing services than simply cutting out briars and brush. As a professional land clearing company, we at DunRite Dirt Work can ensure your land is cleaned up and cleared out. We offer a variety of tree services so call or contact us for a cost estimate.

Junk, Debris & Demolition Removal Services

Tackle unsightly piles of debris and junk and protect your property's value and health. Our expert junk removal services can dispose of these items safely and quickly. GIve us a call to schedule a free consultation and removal date.

Fence Line Clearing in Athens, TX

Don’t let your new or existing fence line become covered by brush and brambles. It will only cause your fence to become weak and deteriorated. Alot of people in Athens rely on their fence to keep their livestock contained so the importance of a strong fence can't be understated. When the fence around your pasture or yard becomes too wild, call DunRite and we will get the job done right! Choose us for fence line clearing services so you can have the peace of mind that your fence is secure.

Erosion Control

Keep your property safe from damage and protect the environment with our effective erosion control services. Our team of professionals can apply proven strategies to stabilize soil, regulate water flow, and enhance the overall health of your property.

Pond Scaping in Athens, TX

Start of right with beautiful surroundings for your pond or keep your existing pond healthy and serene. Call DunRite Dirt Work if you want pond scaping services in the Athens, Texas area.

See something you like? At DunRite Dirt Work, we’re always ready to take on your next land clearing or management project. For more information on our company and services, give us a call today for a free quote.