Land Clearing in Palestine, TX

Our goal is to provide land clearing services near Palestine that are affordable and timely. We guarantee your satisfaction after every land clearing project – from start to finish.

Junk, Debris & Demolition Removal Services

Prevent health, safety, and property value risks by removing any unsightly junk or debris on your premises. Our junk removal services offer homeowners a secure and efficient method to get rid of unwanted items and maintain a clean environment.

Fence Line Clearing in Palestine, TX

Our fence line clearing services in Palestine can help older fencing or ensure your new fence lin can stand on its own posts well into the future.

Erosion Control

Defend your property from erosion. Our experienced team uses established techniques to strengthen soil, control water flow, and guarantee your property's long-term well-being.

Pond Scaping in Palestine, TX

Pond scaping in Palestine is an integral part of keeping any pond in pristine condition. Through our land clearing services, we can ensure your pond will look great and stay healthy.

Here at DunRite Dirt Work, we’re happy you found us. Now let us find the solutions you need for land clearing and maintenance. Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more about our company and services.