If your property has only one old stump or is covered in tree stumps after a logging operation, you need them gone ASAP. Tree stumps are not only an eyesore – they can also be a tripping hazards and can negatively affect the health of your land. At DunRite Mulching of Tyler, we provide professional stump grinding and stump removal services plus an array of other tree and land services.

When you see stump grinding services advertised, you might end up with a few guys, some chains, and a pickup truck. That’s not how it’s done at DunRite Mulching of Tyler! We are professionals. Our employees are trained right and have many years experience grinding stumps and removing trees. In fact, we use industry leading stump grinders that can remove the stump entirely without leaving an ugly scar in your yard.

Benefits of tree Stump Grinding

Our tree stump grinders are large machines capable of reducing any stump to mulch. Our StumpEx stump grinder is mounted to an excavator and a 120 horsepower skid steer utilizing a track system instead of a traditional wheel system, enabling us to leave a much smaller footprint. StumpEx turns at a slow but powerful 17 rpm.

For more information on our Tyler, Texas stump grinding / removal services, contact DunRite Mulching today.

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